Ride that pony

As much as we hate to admit we do it, we including myself, we pull our hair back in some kind of haste! So if your feeling hasty there are a few things you can do to ensure your hairs optimal health. The first being allowing your hair to dry before it goes up. Wet hair is heavier adding extra pressure and pull, both of which are unnecessary for your scalp. Secondly, be weary of what you use to hold your hair up. The optimal pony tail holder would be a cloth rubberband, yes like those old school ones we all wore back in the 90’s!! You can find them in almost any fashion/dollar store they are usually right at the register and sell for less than $1. Next best choice are elastic ties with no metal clasps on them. The metal catches your hair which can cause snagging and snapping of the hair itself. Lastly if you use the tiny rubberbands use elastic. Rubber ones are much harder to take out, cause more tangling and esthetically speaking, they are much bulkier
and more noticeable than elastic bands. So if your short on time or energy pull you hair up in confidence!

“I love that whole princess mentality, but I also like throwing my hair up in a ponytail…” -Jennifer Love Hewitt


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