AVEDA Smoothing Fluid

AVEDA’s Smoothing Fluid has many uses including smoothing frizz, adding shine, detangling & conditioning. It is an oil type product that you can apply to your hair wet or dry by simply adding 1-2 pumps (depending on hair thickness/length) starting from your ends and working up. If applied when hair is wet/damp it will help make combing through tangles much easier by offering light conditioning and gives hair a natural looking amount of shine while air drying. It also helps protect you hair from damage if you choose to heat style (blowdry, flat-iron, etc.) If applied in between washes or after hair has been styled it will tame frizzy ends and add shine while conditioning.  Easy to use, suitable for all hair types, usable on wet or dry hair, not oily looking or feeling, and it is made of all natural products including the packaging!!

serum, oil, frizzy hair, detangler, shine, heat protector finishing product, AVEDA


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