Yes, You can have Kim Kardashians hair!

Kim Kardasian, long hair style, curls, volume, natural waves
Inspired by Kim
wedding party, curls, special event, long hair style, natural wave, bridal hair, extensions
Styled by Audrey

You read that right, you can have Kim Kardashian-esque locks. These two pictures are a representation of how with a few steps you can achieve a desired look. We were able to achieve and slightly exceed Kim K.’s look by adding a little more volume and a slightly stronger curl. When we started our beautiful Bride Vivian had hair about 6 inches past her shoulder that was slightly lighter in color than Kim Kardashians. To achieve her look we 1st layered and deepened her hair color. Next we made  customized extensions to add volume and about 4 inches of length. On the big day we styled by adding volume to the roots with the round brush & blow dryer, pin-curled her whole head and did some light teasing at the crown for natural looking volume. Last but not least, we blended the extensions in and admired!


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