Avoiding Ingrown Hairs

exfoliation, hair removal, ingrown hairs, ingrown hair face, ingrown hair bikini, manuale exfoliatio, scrubsAn ingrown hair is when hair grows back into the follicle or grows sideways which is caused by being cut and left with a sharp edge. One way to prevent ingrowns is to let hair completely grow out no cutting,shaving,waxing, etc. BUT since some of us are not looking to rock our own winter coat all year-long we must remove hair one way or another and exfoliation is key in preventing ingrown hairs. Prior to hair removal cleanse the area with a mild cleanser & warm water or a steamed towel. Exfoliate!! Exfoliation helps remove excess dirt, skin & oils that may be blocking the follicles and creates a smoother surface for hair removal. Regardless of what method of hair removal you use (shave, tweeze, threading, wax or depilatories) exfoliation is beneficial. If you are addressing an area on your face or neck another
great tip is to apply a small amount of product with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid after the hair removal process. This helps reduce bumps, lowers inflammation & the possibility of infection.


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