Stop the Stage Make-up

stage make-up, dramatic eyeshadow, aonspot, intense lip

Summer season has arrived. Time to switch up your beauty routine and
try some new, fun looks for the hotter months to come. It’s time to
retire your liquid/creme foundation & full coverage powder for some
tinted moisturizer (with SPF, of course) and translucent powder to keep
your skin in optimal condition. Heat and humidity adding to a full
face of make-up equals clogged pores and a runny, shiny look. Not to
knock intense shadows, but is an intense smoky glittery eye really
necessary poolside or at the beach? Try out the shadows you haven’t
used all year that cute coral, funky green and pretty pink because you
can! Waterproof mascara is another good option so your sweat doesn’t
make you look like Ozzy Osbourne in concert. Your lips need extra
moisture this time of year, so lather up and try just using a gloss to
lighten your look. Don’t forget bronzer!! Bronzer adds beautiful
shine, color,  and dimension when applied properly. It can also help
even out skin tone if your body is a little more tan than your face.
Just lighten up! Your summer make-up routine can be quicker,
lightweight and more free-spirited.

Summer make-up, light coverage, easy make-up, bronzer, lipgloss, lightweight make-up, aonspot


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