Summer Beating

Ocean water, sun, and chlorine are all ready to give your hair it’s
summer beating! Here are a few ways to prepare your hair for all your
hot adventures to come. A deep conditioning treatment always helps
repair damage, adds moisture, and acts as a sealant for your hair. One
every 15 hair washes is a good time line for a treatment. Sun does
fade color and burn your scalp so make sure to protect on a daily
basis. A color defense spray prevents fading & protects scalp burn. If
your definitely getting in the water wet your hair prior to jumping
in! Hair is like a sponge, it can only absorb so much, so if you fill
it with good things all the bad can’t be absorbed. Applying a leave-in
conditioner or oil serum before water activities also helps protect
hair & makes the aftermath of washing and combing out a little easier.
Don’t let water, chlorine, or sun get your tresses down.

Unless your bringing swim caps back, use these tips to keep hair healthy & shiny

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