Setting Standards

Every hairstylist is different, just like every client and expectation is BUT there are quite a few things that should be consistent. The first being timeliness, your time is just as important as your stylist. Constantly having to wait or be nudged in between other clients is not fair to you. Next, a thorough consultation, (even if its been 20 years since you changed your style) multipule factors influence the way your hair performs and what it is capable of achieving on a daily basis including diet, medication, stress levels, water type/usage and products. A shift in any of those things can cause a change in your hair and may even completely alter your hair thickness, strength and reactivity to chemicals making it extremely important for a consultation every time. The next two intertwine, satisfaction and healthy hair. You should ALWAYS like what you see when you leave and be healthier than when you arrived. As professionals our job is to meet your expectations to a reasonable degree, reasonable meaning always putting the health of your hair first. Hair will never look or feel good if it is over processed, brittle or dry. Allow yourself to set standards & expect complete professionalism every visit because not only do you deserve it but (from my perspective, honestly & truly)  it is a pleasure to serve you!


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