It’s UnbeWeaveable

Clip-in extensions are as amazing as they are easy to work with. They offer versatility without the commitment of other types of extensions such as sew-in tracks or bonded hair extensions, because you simply clip them in when you want a change for the day or night.

Tips on caring for your clip-in extensions

Here are a few tips to help you keep your clip-ins in optimal shape for better, easier styling and to increase the longevity of their life.

  • Have them trimmed. The first step is to go to a hairdresser who is experienced with hair extensions and ask for a trim to blend the new hair in with your existing hair, it makes a world of difference!!
  • Shampoo and condition the extensions every 5-10 wears depending on the amount of hair product usage and how quickly your natural oils are absorbed into the extensions. Before shampooing the extensions comb out all knots. Bunch all the extensions together and hold the top of the tracks (where the clips are for optimal control) While washing the extensions let the water run down the strands and constantly comb through with your fingers to avoid knots and tangles later. Rinse using cool water.
  •  Blot hair extensions, with a towel (don’t rub) and apply a light serum or detangler.
  •  Air-dry before combing!! Allowing your hair extensions to air-dry will save the hair from breakage. When hair is wet it stretches and will break much easier when combed 
  • Hang hair extensions from a drawer or similar object. This is my favorite tip, to help ease in styling  extensions. It will give you both hands to work with which improves speed, versus trying to hold the extensions and style all at once.
  • Easy on styling products. When curling or flat-ironing your extensions, you can use a working spray. Using heavy hold hairspray will make it extremely hard to comb through the extensions later, but if it’s a special occasion then by all means go for the gusto!
  • Style ahead of time. It ‘s important to style clip-in hair extensions before putting them in your hair, as clipping them in first and then styling them will increase the probability of error. They can slip out as you pull and style your hair,  loosening the initial grip of the clip-ins.
  • Leave enough room. Make sure to leave out at least a half inch all the way around your hairline before clipping in extensions. Hair extensions are beautiful but you don’t want clips showing!

Take your time sectioning & clipping in your extensions and enjoy your new do!


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