Unite Go365 Hairspray


Unite Go365 is seriously your next favorite hairspray.It has a three in one quality of going from light to firm hold with just the twist of a nozzle. The hairspray has three options light, medium, and heavy hold, they all work great. Go365 is practical for everyday use and a night out or special event. When used on the light setting it does a fantastic job taming minor frizz around the hairline, the firm setting can hold an up-do in place all night & medium hold is fantastic for men’s styling. Go365 is 100% vegan, paraben free, sodium chloride free & gluten-free and smells delicious! It does not leave any type of build up and is safe for all hair types including those with keratin/brazilian treated, chemically retexturized, colored, thick wavy, fine, etc. Simply move nozzle to desired setting, aim and spray about 8-12 inches away from hair. Professionally speaking its awesome to be able to have one go to spray instead of 3, helps de-clutter the styling station and is a necessity for on-location special events like weddings



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