Whats the Difference?

Going to start this one off by saying this is not being written to downplay anyone’s artistry. Simply to offer an understanding of why a licensed artist is your best option.The reason artists are granted licenses is because they did two things. First they completed their education which entails all aspects of the beauty industry. It is no so glitzy to learn about diseases of the scalp, fungus on the toes or skin irregularities but none the less a necessity! Secondly the artist must apply for a state license and pass their state board test. This test entails a practical & written portion and lasts approximately 8 hours. If both parts are successfully completed a license is granted & required to be kept current for the duration of the technicians career. Maintaining a license means being held accountable for all procedures performed not only to clients but to the state. If an artist does not adhere to all health, safety, and sanitation regulations their liscensed can be suspended or revoked.
What does this matter to you? Everything!! Sanitation is key in preventing the spread of diseases. How do you feel about someone using a dirty brush on your hair? Toe separators from someone else’s feet? A lipstick that has touched a strangers lips? Maybe a foundation brush used on skin with open lesions? Disgusting, I know. An unlicensed artist has no social or state responsibility. They have no risk or care if they cause harm because they only report to themselves. Would you let a “doctor” who taught themselves how to perform surgery by watching Grey’s Anatomy & reading Wikipedia put you under the knife? Then why let an un-licensed artist play with your health .


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